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What happened when three of Australia’s Top Residential Property Experts sat down to compare their property research notes and findings regarding capital growth drivers?  They built a new research tool for everyone! 

Before we go live we have a quick announcement and favour…

We’re very close to finishing this research platform that will give you an “unfair” advantage when it comes to identifying investment grade suburbs you should look to buy in.  

We’ve been busily working on this behind the scenes for months, but we are finally ready to wrap it up.  We will be releasing it shortly in a few weeks’ time! 

This research tool will be entirely focused on identifying suburbs where demand exceeds supply.  It will allow you analyse every suburb in Australia for both houses and units, as well as allowing you to gain access to the top ranked suburbs you should be considering right now out of the 15,000+ suburbs across Australia!  

LocationScore is a game changer in fast tracking you to best buying locations in Australia.

It will save you literally hundreds of hours of meaningless research and will help you steer you clear of buying in the wrong location.  Remember the 80/20 principal – you will get the vast amount of your investment return based on the right location! 

If you sign up now for our pre-launch updates, you have the opportunity to tell us what additional things you might like included in this new platform.  Plus you will be one of the first people to get access to a video recording from the creators of – Jeremy Sheppard, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley, explaining our research approach in more detail.

So if you are as excited as we are about being amongst the first few people to learn more about this brand new research tool or if you are interested in the upcoming webinar, make sure you sign up NOW! 

And that is where you come in. Please take a moment to answer the two things we really want to ask you…

What are you two top questions about property research that we absolutely NEED to solve with our Research platform?


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